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When Mike was a traveling salesman he needed a way to get to know his customers.  Back then he couldn't even get a meeting with the buyers.  Thinking back to his days growing up in New Mexico and sitting around the table with friends and family enjoying a bowl of authentic southwestern salsa gave him an idea.  If he could get his family's recipe and bring a jar of salsa that tasted like the original salsa he remembered from childhood then he could get the clients to sit with him long enough to share their needs and expectations. 


Nara Visa, New Mexico



Once he had the secret recipe in hand, he went to work making sure each ingredient was fresh and properly sourced.  With salsa and chips in tow he began landing meeting after meeting.


Years later he retired from his sales position and decided to continue his salsa making hobby, turning Mike’s Salsa into a house hold name.  But he couldn’t stop there.  Through his journey he also started grilling at guided fishing events and after about the 100th person asking him what he seasoned the meat with he decided to sell his favorite spices as well.  Whether you are frustrated with mundane salsa options or lack of richly flavored meats and vegetables, Mike’s Spices has the solution to turn your dinner night into a “WOW! That was delicious!” night.


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