This has to be the # 1 favorite Smoked meat of ALL time! I buy Boston Butts by the case,usually 8 or 10 in a case! I don't trim any fat unless their is a lot of excess! I season real good with MIKE'S RIB RUB & PORK SEASONING---RUB ALL OVER "REAL" WELL! Just before putting on the Smoker! Cook at 200 temp. 8 to 10 hours---Turn the Butts 2 or 3 times that's all! Remove & wrap in heavy duty foil, put back in the Smoker for another 2 hours! When you unwrap the meat should pull apart real easy! I like to serve right off the Smoker! You can let butts cool & wrap again in heavy foiL, then put in the freezer---will keep "GOOD" for 3-4 months



Over the years we have had more folks ask for our Smoked Beans than any other item that we do on a regular basis!----The Original Recipe came from Mamma Watts---who got it from St Joseph Catholic Church in Amarillo,Texas! They used to do these beans at their booth at the Tri-State fair every fall in Amarillo. We have modified the recipe somewhat---but not much---- It's real simple---1 # 10 can of Pork & Beans drained--put in a 1/2 aluminum pan! Add about 3 handfuls of Brown Sugar----- B-B-Q Sauce about 3/4 cup! & last but what might be the most important ingredient---Mamma Watts Seasoning---1 good handful! Stir real good ---put on the smoker----leave open don't cover for about 3 hours! That's where the magic takes place!---It's the SMOKE FLAVOR from the Smoker that's the added attraction!----"ENJOY"



Almost all Briskets have a lot of excess fat---I like to trim a lot of the outside excess fat off + there is a large chunk of fat in the brisket---I like to remove this also! Season "REAL" good with our Butter Mesquite Seasoning---Rub the Brisket all over real well---wrap * put in the frig overnight! Cook in the smoker for 8 to 12 hours---fat side up at 200 temp.! Remove, let cool---slice the Brisket against the grain of the meat---Or you can double wrap with heavy duty foil, put in the freezer---will keep nice for 2-3 months!  Side Note--Don't forget Mike's COOKIN' CAN--cooks a Brisket in 3 "HOURS"--check it out!



If you get your loins from Sam's Club or a butcher & they are the long loins---I cut them in half! They cook much better. Seasoning "REAL" good with MIKE'S APPLE CIDER BBQ Seasoning! Rub down ALL over, put in the frig for a couple of hours! Cook on the Smoker at 200 temp for 1 to 1 1/2 hours! The main thing here is don't OVER COOK the pork will dry out! Here again I like to slice---THIN---& serve right out of the Smoker!



.Now folks---I really take the low road on my Cole Slaw---But folks cannot believe how my Cole Slaw is made when I tell them!---Ok---here goes-----I buy the mixed bag of Cole Slaw from Sam's----Add Ranch Dressing---Don't over do it on the Ranch Dressing---& don't make too far ahead of time----it will get soggy---Last but not least----The just right Seasoning---Mamma Watts Al Purpose Seasoning!---Don't be bashful---Everyone "Loves Mamma Watts Seasoning" For a final "TOUCH" --sprinkle some Mike's Rib Rub on top---just before serving! What a beauty!!



Well---at last--Here's the Smoked Banana Recipe-----You can use the older Spotted Bananas & save some money! 1 Banana per person! I generally do the Banana desert on the Steak night! Place the Bananas on the Smoker next to the fire box Peel & all! Keep turning the Bananas until they are solid "BLACK" & soft to the touch! Place in a bowl--split the banana down the middle & push on both ends until they open up! Again leave the skin on. Do not peal. Here's the Sauce Recipe you will need to make to put on the Banana's! In a small sauce pan put 1 stick of real butter! 1/2 cup or so of Pancake syrup---1/4 of a cup of Orange Juice & as an optional item 1/4 cup of Rum or your "Favorite" Adult Beverage!--- Let all the ingredients warm up & come together in your sauce pan!! When its desert time---put 1 scoop of Ice Cream along with 3 or 4 tablespoons full of your topping mix on your Banana, also for another topper---sprinkle some chopped nuts on top of all of the above! Here again it's the SMOKED FLAVOR from the Smoker that separates this desert from your friendly Dairy Queen