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At Mike’s Spices we are all about mouthwatering seasonings and authentic New Mexico salsa.

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At Mike’s Spices & Salsa we know that you want to be an amazing cook.  In order to do that, you need seasonings made from high quality ingredients and authentic southwestern salsa.  The problem is there are so many seasonings and salsa options that fail you in the kitchen and at the grill which makes you feel frustrated and disappointed.  We believe you don’t have to spend years mastering your chef skills to get great tasting food.  We understand feeling overwhelmed and not finding the perfect seasoning for your grilling needs or slaving over a dinner only to have your family staring at their phones which is why we created the perfect blend of spices for your grilling needs and fresh salsa that makes people magically put their phones down.


Here’s how we do it: 1. We source the top ingredients and spices & a Company that Manufactures our recepies!  2. Listen to our customers 3. Offer 100% satisfaction guarantee


So, shop now.  And in the meantime, read our 5 star reviews and discover Mike’s own recipes.  So you can stop feeling like a chef failure and instead become The Chef Master – without any training at all!