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Mike's Salsa & Seasonings started 1992 in the small town of Summit, Arkansas where I moved for my Veterinary business! I had a BBQ Smoker & started doing lunchon's for my clients to help promote my business! I also met some Guides on the White River nearby, thay asked me to cook therir shore lunches on the weekends! I had 3 main Seasonings that I used, I went to Memphis & May BBQ Championship Contest, I met the folks from IGA Corp. that is a co-packer. They started making my Seasonings along with 4 of their Seasonings that they put my label on! Folks really liked my Seasonings & wanted to buy some, this is the time I started my 1st web site! I also served my Mike's Salsa at these events, Mike's Salsa recepe [that is over 100 years old] came from the North Ranch in Nara Visa, New Mexico, from Mrs Chacon the Mexican lady that worked on the ranch that my Grandmother owned! Everyone loved the Salsa which is made by Ozark Mfg. Co. We have alot of folks that have become regular customers of our Salsa & Seasonings & we woud like for you to try our products & see for yourself!