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how mike's started!



My business started in 1992 when I moved to the Ozarks in Arkansas​ & started working for a Distributing company selling Veterinary products to Veterinary Clinics in Arkansas & Southern Missouri. I Have a portable Horizon BBQ Smoker so I started doing some cooking for my clinics to help promote my business, during that time I met some guides & went fishing on the Famous White River below Bull Shoals lake--- the Guides asked me if I would be interested in doing some cooking for their guided trips--as things progressed I was doing a lot of cooking & needed Seasonings--I had 3 Seasonings of my own that I was Hand mixing---I Was fortunate to meet the folks at Ingredients Corp. in Memphis, Tenn. & they started making my Seasonings in a Certified FDA facility! We now have 6 Seasonings plus a Chili Mix & our FAMOUS Mike's SALSA!---We sell to ALL Customers---Retail stores --Meat Markets & Restaurants & we would love for you to try our Salsa & Seasonings-  Mike & Liz


We are going to expand our business into Retail Stores in Southern Missouri & NW Arkansas in the near future---Next the "USA". As we get stores set-up to sell Mike's Salsa & Seasonings we will have them listed on our Web Site


We Guarantee "ALL" of our products 100%---If you are not Satisfied With any thing--All you have to do is just return your purchase to us ---with a short explanation about your dissatisfaction, we will take  care of you 100%--THAT'S IT!